Time lapse of some video bending I’ve been up to


detitled asked:

why is 8 the holiest number?

postmoderncorruption answered:

8 is the average number difference
Between all prime numbers
The next being 4

8’s shape is used in
Particle physics to classify
Sub-atomic particles

8 is the number of corners
In a quadrilateral, the first polygon
In a series truly flexible

8 has been used for
Almost all visual technology
Except the 4-bit consoles

8 is the first number where
The sum is two of the same numbers
Other than itself

8 itself is a balance between
Two circles, considered perfect shapes
In the world of geometry

8 is the atomic number
Of oxygen, one of the chemical components
Needed to sustain life

And finally
My favorite

8 was the number of stationary stars
Counted during the medieval times
Symbolizing perfection of planetary energy